Fantastic review for my book “LADY RUTH BROMFIELD”


5.0 out of 5 stars
An Outstanding Lady and Exceptional Story
By Crystal Mary Lindsey (Author)on September 17, 2017


What a thoroughly enjoyable experience to read about this lady’s life. The terrible sadness to family members at the beginning of her existence was dramatically changed when she was adopted by a wonderful English couple, who loved her as their own. Their humble attitude and deep consideration procured a well balanced and sensitive noble character in Lady Ruth. I love history yet some books can be boring. Not so this one, written about an incredible time of history that should never be forgotten and won’t be by all those who dwell in these pages. The author’s description of events draws the reader in by the way he paints a picture in the mind with words. What a great movie this book would make.

Lady Ruth ReadAvailable  from Amazon

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