The Ministry Communications Unit

The Ministry Communications Unit

It didn’t happen, but it could have

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Reality or fiction?
By Mariuca Asavoaie on November 14, 2015

Gordon Smith has a way to keep you engaged to the book. His style and the story are as close to perfection as possible, just because of the reality that strikes you, the reader. A piece of what could be considered Australian history, but seems to be fiction, “The Ministry Communications Unit: It didn’t happen, but it could have!” has it all: drama, romance, fiction, adventure, glory, and the list can go on, depending on what you can extract from it. It keeps you on the edge, wanting more.

I don’t usually enjoy the war movies and books, but this one raised my interest. Written in an accessible style, with great characters and some engaging stories, this book managed to keep me reading it until the end, without wanting for it to end rapidly. I was afraid of the fact that it’s a war book, but nothing shocking here; the style in which all the story is presented, makes the book readable by almost anyone.


Fiction that could easily be fact
By H. Y. Taylor 5 Nov. 2015

I was asked to review this book and really did enjoy it. I can’t say a history fiction book is my favourite thing in the world but I did find it kept my attention.

The Ministry Communications Unit: It didn’t happen but it could have! is based around Australia’s actual history. The way Gordon Smith writes was a very unique way, so much so it felt more like it was fact far from it really being fiction.

From a first glance I thought that it was just historical fiction but the story has moments where it was also about adventure, romance, glory and also personal sacrifice. The Ministry Communications unit, tells the tale of how the unit developed along with the interactions of people causing interest and romances to begin. But nothing in the path of love can run smoothly and as the young men and women become romantically involved they then become shocked by the horrific hospital boat sinking.

I don’t want to say much more and spoil it for others but it is definitely worth a read.


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