official review of “Lady Ruth Bromfield” by Gordon Smith.

4 out of 4 stars
Review by Pilar Guerrero
Lady Ruth Bromfield is the story of a little girl called Ruth who is born from a Jewish mother at the time of the Nazi Germany. She is saved from a certain death by a wealthy English businessman and adopted by his brother, a Catholic priest who raises her as a Christian and also as a Jew. She has a brilliant mind and from an early age she shows the skills of a leader. She goes to the university to study an engineering program as well as religious studies. Ruth works a few years as an engineer and gains recognition. When she is old enough, she becomes the President of the family business, one of the biggest Engineering Companies in the world with an even bigger Charitable Family Trust.

The book is a recount of Ruth’s education and vision of the world, her beliefs and her achievements in life until her mid-fifties. The author includes many details about Ruth’s friends and entertainments, which make the story more human and relatable. The author also describes in genuine detail a few episodes of English history, giving a good description of how people faced those events and how they overcame them.

The book is well written; it is engaging and the events develop at a good pace. The tone of the narration is light and sometimes playful. I enjoyed the reading but what I liked the most was the author’s attention to detail to describe Ruth’s character, moral principles and her leading qualities. This book moved and inspired me very much; for it showed how great projects began the same as a seed, and how the cooperation among different people could bring greater understanding to a situation. I have been thinking about how to apply some principles that the book describes into a project I have right now.

In my opinion, some parts of the book would have benefited from more precise dates, or at least, from an indication of Ruth’s age; it was only by the end of the book that I could understand how long it had taken Ruth to learn and achieve all that she did.

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars, it accomplishes a clear and direct recollection of Lady Ruth Bromfield’s life; the reading is enjoyable and uplifting. There are two or three typos in the whole book which do not distract from the reading. I recommend this book to people who enjoy historic fiction, stories about leadership and to those looking for stories to inspire other women.

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