Men With a Mission

trained Vigilant Confident

Men With a Mission

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Mission for Life, a Mission for Death. A Journey that had to be taken.
By Rich on Amazon July 18, 2017

“Men With A Mission” by Gordon Smith is an enlightening and entertaining book about the Vietnam War and the involvement of some very dedicated and patriotic men and women that enlist in the Australian regular army but are soon sorted out and trained for Covert Operations. Sent to observe and gather information, a group of four men—three of different faiths: Islam, Judaism, Christianity, and an Agnostic—prove to be efficient and indispensable as a team and in their service to their government and the war effort. Within a short while the group expands to eight others: three of which are highly capable women. Though overlooked and deemed unsuitable for active service in the regular army, these newest recruits are more than capable of meting out to the enemy whatever is deemed necessary..
Within a short while, and having garnered the praise and attention of their superior officers, all of them are soon recruited by the U.N. to help with the burgeoning refugee problem and assigned to investigate and report on war crimes.
This book is well written and authored with authority. This was a very good book and a quick read.

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