New Reviews for Lady Ruth Bromfield

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Reviews for LADY RUTH BROMFIELD by Gordon Smith

  1. Wow, what an emotional and inspiring story! I actually choked up at a few places, and really grew to admire Ruth’s spirit and strength… she is a true heroine. The way that Gordon Smith writes it is like we are really there in her head experiencing her amazing life with her. The writing is very descriptive, emotional, engaging and atmospheric. The attention to detail, both personal and historical is amazing, and I actually feel like I learned something about this era and thought it had a great blend of fiction and reality … the author has clearly done his research and it shows. The pacing is steady and it pulls you in right from the start. An impressive and uplifting read, one that I recommend for almost everyone. (5 stars). Kaylee Stevens—Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers
  2. “Lady Ruth Bromfield” by Gordon Smith packs a real punch, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. From the intriguing opening to the gut-wrenching opening chapters, we are transported back in time to another place and become a living part of history through Ruth’s eyes as she is born in the wrong place at the wrong time, at the onset of Hitler’s Third Reich. But while this is a tumultuous time in history, we get a renewed sense of hope and inspiration in these pages… how a young girl can lift herself from dire circumstances and become something really powerful and inspiring. Along the way we really feel her strength and determination to survive and succeed, and I feel like I somehow learned something while reading this, like Ruth (and others- Madeline, John, Clive, etc) characters really gave some humanity and hope to such an inhumane period of history. While this is certainly a spiritual-based novel with elements of Christianity and Judaism, it will also appeal to a secular audience across genres, in my opinion. A riveting read that you won’t want to put down. Would love to read more from Gordon Smith in the future! (5stars). Stacy Decker—Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers
  3. Oh my gosh… that was incredible! I need some time to process all that. This book was loaded with tension and drama and action… honestly even by the 15% mark I felt like I’d already been through the emotional wringer! And we were just getting started! In addition to the powerful storyline, the way the author Gordon Smith writes is simply mesmerizing. Literary prose that is clear and straightforward, yet unexpectedly beautiful, even in the bleakest of scenes. Like a light in the darkness. But it makes you just want to keep on reading. Really enjoyed the blend of reality/fiction and that we feel transported to another time and place to really experience it all firsthand… like an intimate, personalized history lesson, if you will. T. I recommend this for fans of historical fiction, or anyone who wants to read a riveting, moving and well written novel of love, perseverance, hope, faith and inspiration. Nicole Hastings—Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers


  1. “Lady Ruth Bromfield” by Gordon Smith was the first book I’d read from this author but I hope it won’t be the last! (happy to see he has a few others already published). This was unlike anything I’ve read before, and it surprised me how much I liked it, especially considering the somber backdrop. But instead of focusing on the horrors and the negatives, Smith lifts the story and its readers up high with the in-depth look if its remarkable heroine in Lady Ruth Bromfield. She is so easy to connect with that it doesn’t matter if her life and experiences (even faiths) are different from yours – you relate to her and can’t help but be incredibly impressed. Love that this is inspired by a true story but still reads and an entertaining novel. The way that Smith describes things makes it feel very realistic and lifelike and I was pleased with how it all wrapped up at the end. Recommend for fans of spiritual literary fiction, bios, drama. (4 stars). Gillian Hancock—Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers
  2. First off, this was one of the more powerfully written novels I’ve read in a while, and I couldn’t help but notice how that played off against the subject matter. Minor occasional slow pacing aside, the narrative prose and character development is some of the best I’ve read in a long while. We really transform along with the young Ruth as she grows into a special woman, and feel her influence on the others around her. And the story arc… You just absolutely cannot stop reading after the introduction (at least I couldn’t), and the shocking events and continual building of tension and high stakes makes it almost impossible to put down at times. While this is definitely more character driven than action based, it is not the least bit boring! The thing that struck me the most was just how well Gordon Smith nailed the human experience during this time and gave a different angle to both religion and the wartime era (and after) than we normally see in books… it felt as close as if being there!  (-5 stars).  Layla Messing—Goodreads; Barnes & Noble;   
  3. This book by Gordon Smith does an incredible job of transporting us to the past where we meet our heroine Ruth. We already know that we are in for an inspiring and moving ride from the description (and the other great reviews), but I was genuinely impressed (and surprised!) with just how much this book touched me. All too often it seems we focus on the negative side of humanity, and I love that Lady Ruth’s rise is contrasted with the Nazi regime… good against evil, if you will. For even in the toughest and bleakest circumstances a star can shine that will light the way for others, providing both inspiration and hope. This book delivers in spades and I think it has a wonderful message that many will relate to, despite religious backgrounds. Tolerance  and compassion is a strong theme here and it is contagious to the readers. Excellently written and well crafted.  Highly recommend. (5 stars). Karen Matthews—Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers

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