What is so wrong with Russia influencing American Presidential Election?

Without doubt, Russian government sponsored hackers attempts to influence American Politics by favouring a candidate that MAY be more in line with Russian aims, is abhorrent

The USA government must be made up of those that the American  population feel would represent the views and aspirations of the majority of  Americans .

If an outside government attempts to manipulate American policy for that countries own goals, then that may be considered an act of war.

HOWEVER, it is extremely hypocritical for the USA to take the high moral ground on this occasion when, since World War 2 (and possibly prior) American agents have been involved in uncountable instances of manipulation the political situation of many countries, in particular third word countries.

How many times has Bribes,  Sanctions been used to support political   groups overseas. How many times has America been responsible for orchestrating the removal of a dictator so they could replace them with someone more favourable to Americas intrust

Iraq, Iran, Bolivia would be a few examples.

How long had the CIA in the past been influencing politics abroad?

Yes Russia should be condemned for their actions (wether it was officially state sponsored or not.) But the USA government needs to take a hard look of what it has authorised in the past.

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