An Australian Story – Current Canadian Ratings

An Australian Story – Current Ratings

Amazon CA #2 in Kindle Store>Kindle eBooks>History>Australia & Oceania>Australia

#15 in Books>History>Australia & Oceania>Australia The Story Down Time of a Family’s Life Down Under

Many family stories have been immortalized in books, some fiction, some not. Yet, such books have an evergreen appeal because of the depiction of raw human emotions and family ties and kith and kin bond that one can easily relate to and immerse in. Such a book is “An Australian Story”, authored by Gordon Smith.

An Australian Story is a book that hovers between real life accounts and down to earth fantasy. It recounts the history of Australia and how the life of a family calling the continent home unfolds down the generations. This is the story of one Australian family whose history, beginning in 1808 and going up to 1998. Illustrating war, harrowing times and due sacrifices, the story also revolves around the pride at the accomplishments and milestones chalked up by the family alongside the progress of the country. Although the story is based on real people and events that really took place in the time frame of two centuries, certain fictional attributes were seen as fit by Gordon Smith to be slotted in. In respect for living family members, names have been changed and some happenings have been expunged from the narrative.

The weighty and impacting nature of An Australian Story earned a numero UNO position on the bestselling chart of It gave the author, Gordon Smith the exactly needed impetus to become a prolific writer who has many amazing stories to tell. Gordon Smith’s attention to detail is what makes An Australian Story so captivating. Now, American and Canadian readers have the golden chance to add An Australian Story to their reading bucket list.

About the author

After retirement from his position as a traffic project manager, Gordon Smith took an interest in researching his family and concurrently came into deep touch with history. The research made him discover the writer himself and he wrote his first book, A Family That Went to War, after the discovery that he had 6 relatives who fought in the Great War. An Australian Story came into being because Gordon Smith felt he still had much to tell after the penning of A Family That Went to War.

Further information about An Australian Story can be found here:

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