Gordon Smith’s Books, Now in the Keen Sight of Australian UK’s Public Libraries


Gordon Smith, to his credit, has authored four books, The Family that Went to War, Lady Ruth Bromfield, An Australian Story and The Ministry Communications Unit. Each book is reflective of an electrifying tale in which travails and triumph abound.

These four books of different genres are mostly steeped in history interconnected with human endeavours and they are beginning to catch the attention of Public Libraries. In due flow, inquiries are starting to pour in about the libraries which want to add Gordon Smith’s books on their shelves. This interest is spurred by Gordon Smith’s unique way of storytelling, which leaves a reader electrified.

These four books have a different narrative – each of it is gripping. The Family that Went to War depicts World War 1 vividly, recounting the story of six members of a family from Australia joining the war. Lady Ruth Bromfield narrates the fiction of unusual twists of events that enabled a girl to escape the Nazi persecution and empower herself as a woman by the succour of others and her own unbreakable spirit and gumption. How she placed herself as a giant in the largest construction company in the world after a failed marriage and combined with Gordon Smith’s exceptional wordplay makes for an engrossing read. The next book, An Australian Story tells the heritage of an Australian family beginning from 1808 to 1998 – this story is based on real people and real events. It’s rich in history and how the evolution of the times influenced the challenges this family faced is illustrated. The Ministry Communication Unit is set in World War 2 background with the advancing of the Japanese troops in Australia. A specialist public relations unit was created to paint a picture that defences are in poised deploy and any invasion by the Japanese would be difficult if not impossible. The story walks on the path of the development of the unit and the human emotions that beset the people involved in the mission.

All four books have received positive reviews from thoroughly gratified readers who sing praises of Gordon Smith’s writing acumen and sense of history. The addition of Gordon Smith’s work in particular Australian and UK’s Public Libraries is an upgrade of reading interests.


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