E-10 in Australian fuel

Ever since its introduction there have been all sorts of HORROR Stories. rumours and straight out lies spread about the effects of using ethanol.

The Facts:

  1. Ethanol is used at much higher levels in many countries overseas.
  2. V8 supercars and many other motor sports use e85 (not e 10) with no damage to the motors
  3. The only vehicles that e10 is not suitable to use in are some older vehicles as well as a few hi performance vehicles.
  4. E10 is slightly less powerful although it usually has a higher octane rating than unleaded 71  fuel.

Who benefits by using e10

  1. We all do by using less unrenewable energy
  2. E10 is usually cheaper than unleaded 71
  3. Our farmers (ethanol is maid from sugar cane and other crops are suitable)

Who is opposed to using e10

  1. The Multinational oil companies

By using e10 they are selling less of the product that they have control of and in particular costs. They control (and profit) from every stage of production from extracting from the ground, storage, shipping, refining and eventually distribution to their own retail outlets as well as to those few genuine independent outlets.

To maintain their profits they have discouraged the public from embracing the use of e10 by encouraging the spread of mis-information and by restricting the availability of e10 and the number of retail outlets that it is available from.

You don’t believe me? Check on how many service stations in your area sell e10. Now look at how many of those selling e10 are independent and how many ore tied or belong to the OIL CARTELS.

Should we support our farmers or would you rather support overseas owned and controlled oil producers.

Is your car suitable to run on e10? Check with the car manufacturer, not the oil industry!


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