Warning to all business using off shore call centres

AAP – Thursday, 17 November 2016

Australian Federal Police are helping Indian authorities investigate claims the personal information of Australian telco customers is being sold overseas.
Telstra and Vodafone are urging customers to report any fraudulent activity after Fairfax Media reported the security breach had been linked back to call centre staff in India.
Both telecommunications companies are aware of allegations Mumbai company Al Solutions is on-selling the contact numbers, addresses and other private details.
These details could potentially be used for identity theft, other privacy breaches or fraudulent activities and by cold callers.
“Should Telstra detect any fraudulent activity, we would investigate and where appropriate refer it to the relevant authorities,” a Telstra spokesperson told AAP on Thursday.
AFP cybercrime investigators have also met with Vodafone and Optus about “customer information” issues.
“The AFP subsequently provided information to Indian authorities for them to progress,” the spokesperson said.

Gordon Says

We have been saying this was possible for ages.

For security

  • Australian Jobs should be done in Australia by Australians
  • New Zealand Jobs should be done in New Zealand by New Zealanders
  • USA jobs should be done in USA by US Citizens

Please share and let your government reps know how you feel


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