To all my friends in the USA

Now the election is over, it is time to heal your nation. Don’t let the anger and frustration fester.
Forget your differences that developed over the long election campaign and re-engage with your neighbours.
You all share the same country and for each of your different beliefs and goals, you have much more common beliefs and goals.
Concentrate on what you have in common and work together to rebuild the confidence that you all shared in the future.
As Yvonne Lieblein wrote in the review of my book” Lady Ruth Bromfield” on Underground Book Review
Could there be a more poignant time to read a story about acceptance, understanding and cooperation than during these divisive pre-election days? Lady Ruth Bromfield is ripe with resilience and brimming with examples of triumph over tyranny, adversity, stereotypes and discrimination. There are times when Gordon Smith’s detail-rich novel reads like a biography and others when it seems textbook-like. Its telling versus showing quality makes the story veer toward the didactic, and there are pacing issues exacerbated by repetition and cliché. However, history lovers will find plenty to revel in, and Ruth’s journey can surely provide a lift if your faith in humanity is in need of restoration

The ePub book is available from

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While the paperback is available from most online bookstores

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